Sunday, April 3, 2016


Went on splits with Syster Jackson in Trollhättan this week. LOVE HER! She is just the funniest person on the planet! They have a nice balcony on their apartment and a pigeon laid eggs in a box on the balcony. They have been waiting for the eggs to hatch for a while now. We woke up on Wednesday morning and the pigeons made a noise, so she ran out and said this in the most American accent in the world. There is no good translation....Direct translation- "Does there exist a body of flesh and blood?" ( there a body?). Needless to say...way funnier if you were there...but none of you were :)

-The days are just kind of melting together now. Syster Bateman and I have been having a really hard time getting in contact with people to meet because everyone is just really busy. Lots of contacting and swing-bys this past week :)
-Syster Bateman is a gem and planned out my whole birthday. It was a huge party on p-day. We went out to my favorite Swedish-Italian restaurant and had dinner with an American family that I love :)
-Splits in Trollhättan was so good! Got to see lots of people that I know and love. Plus, a day with Syster Jackson is always so good! She is so insightful and helpful. We talked about lots of things like what she should do when she trains, how I feel about going home, everything in between. 
-District Meeting this week was on Spiritual Gifts and how we all have some that are just a part of our very being. But there are others that we can develop as we work and pray. 
-Our Nigerian investigator invited a friend to meet with us! Doing missionary work before he is even a member, he inspires me! 
-And of course...general conference was this weekend! I love General conference! We have the magnificent opportunity to listen to prophets and apostles every six months and hear direction from Heavenly Father for us today. I am getting so much out of it! I LOVE CONFERENCE! The Church in ancient times was, "built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner" and that is how the Church is built today too. We receive revelation today just as in times of old. The Heavens are Open! Heavenly Father loves all of His children and wants to speak to us even today!

Love you all dearly!
Syster Griffes

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