Monday, March 21, 2016

"It looks like they are coming from a funeral...or they're Swedes" VF Week 9

Quote is from Elder Mecham. We say a group of teenagers wearing mostly black. Swedes wear SO MUCH BLACK! It has rubbed off on me a little... :)

The Week:
-We can definitely start with last Monday. For P-day, Syster Bateman and I took a bike ride ALL OVER GÖTEBORG! We literally biked like 14.5 KM (if my math is right, that might be about 9 miles). It was SO FUN! We made a list of 9 different churches in the city and went to all of them. The sun was shining, it was warm, just a perfect day! We had a blast and we were so tired and sore after :) But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Fun fact, you can actually rent bikes here in the city and drop them off at any of the bike stations all over the city. We didn't do it because we have bikes, BUT if you ever make it to Göteborg, I would definitely suggest that. Another suggestion: do not do it on a Monday because most of the Churches are closed then... :) But the outside of the Churches are beautiful ändå (anyway)
-Almost all of our plans fell through on Tuesday, so we spent lots of time contacting. It was actually really fun and successful (not always so... :) Many good conversations, showed the Påsk (Easter) film with many people. It was sunny and beautiful. We had dinner that night with a wonderful member family. The Spirit is so strong and present in their home! I love them :)
-Had lunch at a member's house on Wednesday with her and one of her friends. It was way fun and we got to teach the Restoration to her. So good! We also had a lesson with one of our Swedish investigators and invited her to be baptized. She feels like the time is right and is preparing to do so :)
-Thursday was all with members, active, less active, and new. It was a stellar day!
-Friday, we had district meeting. We have it at the YSA Center and another district in the area has it same place, same time, so we all go out to lunch together after. The Elders' new favorite thing to do is to ask me questions about things that make me trunky (which means that I am longing/desperate to go home). It cracks me up! I then went on splits to Jönköping with Syster Wilson. She is from Australian and just hilarious. A really great missionary with the potential to make a huge difference in this mission. Her mom is actually from Sweden, so this is another home to her. I wish I could stay longer to see all of the miracles she will be a part of :)
-Saturday was traveling back and weekly planning. Sunday we had a lovely block of Church, a member dinner, then contacting and dinner. I love missionary work!

Been thinking lots lately and having many conversations with different people about different things (many of them are about going home, but I promise that I am still focused here!). One thing that I have thought lots about is who I want to be when I go back. I have learned so many things and changed in many ways, I just want to keep getting better! It made me think of the quote by Dr. Seuss, "Be who you are and say what you feel, for those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." I am me and that is who Heavenly Father needs me to be. Don't spend time trying to be someone that you are not. Always progress and become the very best person that YOU can be. Heavenly Father has great plans for you, individually :) I know that because I have seen it every day of my time on my mission and very day in my entire life. I am so blessed!

Love you lots!
Syster Sarah Griffes

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