Monday, March 14, 2016

"If we don't go to stan...we won't be in stan.." VF Week 8

Quote this week comes from me (Stan=Downtown...sort of...). We were discussing what we would do the next day and I was trying to say that if we don't go to stan, it would be hard to talk to people on the street, but instead I said that genius of a sentence....

-Had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) in Stockholm. It was really good, talked about Hope and the new Easter Initiative (video attached at bottom). The sad thing is that I had to say goodbye to some of the Elders from my MTC group (they go home in 6 months). Breaks my heart because I love all these missionaries, but I will see them at BYU anyway :) I love the missionaries here so much! Lifelong friends have been made
-Presented part of Zone Training later on in the week, we talked about hope and how it is not just for the future, but can be applied today. And that our source of hope is Jesus Christ (Moroni 7:41).
-Taught a Nigerian Investigator about hope and the Atonement. It was precious and the Spirit was so strong!
-Had a good-bye part/Taco Fest with the YSA for a senior couple, The Hawleys that are leaving soon. So fun! The new couple, the Watson's are great too!
-We were able to be an answer to prayer for Syster Watson on Wednesday. She had dinner to make for the YSA and was behind on things. She said she had prayed all morning for help to come and we just happened to be at the Center when she needed us. We had a lesson planned, but our guy canceled last second, so we had time to be there and help out. I loved it!
-We decided that every Saturday this transfer, we want to do Service Saturday. We hadn't really planned anything out, then Saturday morning we get a text from a member asking if we can help clean the church. Of course! :) 
-Taught another Nigerian investigator the Restoration. The Spirit was way strong and he says that he can feel that this is good :) He accepted a challenge to be baptized if he gets the answer that this is true.
-Our Swedish investigator wants us to pick a date for her to be baptized so that we have something to work towards :) The Spirit is working on her, I can feel it!

Easter Video!

I. Love. This. Video! It is just perfect! In Christ, we can all find new life. I have find new life and greater happiness than ever before. I know that it is only through Him that we can receive never-ending happiness. He is the Way, Truth, and Life. I know it with my whole heart and I love my Savior. 

Love you all! See you soon!
Syster Griffes

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