Monday, March 7, 2016

"Four Yes-es! We're going to Hollywood!" VF Week 7

You know those days when you get on your email and your desire to send a weekly email is slim to is one of those days. So, sorry for this sad excuse of a weekly email :)

Quote comes from Elder Halterman, our Zone leader (we served together in Jakobsberg too). We had a phone call with the district leaders and tried to decide on something we wanted to for the zone and everyone agreed on the plan. He is the funniest kid on this planet! But definitely not as funny when you weren't there...Sorry that you poor people are not here :) I love it here! It hits me daily now that time is so short and I know that leaving this place will just break my heart!

Sent Sister Stoughton off to Stockholm on Tuesday, had the Trollhättan Sisters over for the night to be with me while we waited for my new companion, Syster Bateman. She came in all safe and sound from Täby (we were actually in the same district when I was in Jakobsberg). She came to Sweden just six weeks after me. I have actually seen her a lot around the mission, so we know each other a little bit. She is way excited and loves this work! So grateful to have her for my last transfer! The Lord has really blessed me :)

-Taught one of our Muslim investigators. He is from Gambia, which is a very split Muslim/Christian place. The good news is, there is a LOT of religious tolerance there, so he is very open to learn. Every time we are together he tells us that he is still meeting with us because he knows this is good and that if it didn't feel good, he would never come again. He started reading the Book of Mormon and is coming to understand things better....then he moved...So he now lives outside of our boundaries and we had to give him to the Utby Elders....lame! But they will take good care of him. Plus, it doesn't matter who is there for the beginning, middle, or end, it is the Lord's work and He has it all taken care of :)
-Our investigator from Nigeria is doing really well. Talked about Tithing and he loves the principle of helping the Lord's work move forward
-Our Swedish investigator is doing really well! She is so ready to be baptized, just needs her answer!
-Met two potential investigators and both are really open and positive. The cool thing is that they both were contacted a few months ago and their numbers have just been sitting in our phone for a while. Most missionaries really hate to call through all those older potential investigators, but I have found it to be very successful. Some people just needed a little time and they are ready now :)

I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. (1 Nephi 1:20)
We read this scripture with our Nigerian investigator and he asked, "How do we become the Lord's Chosen people?" We talked a lot about it and came to the conclusion that we are the Lord's chose people as we do the things that He asks us to do. Keep the Commandments, live the Gospel, study the scriptures, go to church, pray, serve, give of ourselves, all of those things. That is exactly what the Lord wants us to do and He has PROMISED deliverance to us as we do it. If you are going through something hard right now, evaluate your life and be sure that you are living in a way that you can receive all the blessings of the Lord, then wait patiently. He will be there to help you and eventually, in His timing, you will be delivered. He loves you! I know it!

Love you all dearly! Praying for you lots!
Syster Griffes

P.S. Wasn't as I thought it would be :)

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