Monday, January 25, 2016

Plane delayed, locked out, cereal at 10:30- Västra Frölunda Week 1

Started the week out in the North, ended it down 40 minutes away from where I started my is weird :)

Monday was a weird p-day. We ended up having a member dinner. As part of our travel there, we walked for about 20 minutes in pitch black (mind you, it was about 4:30 pm...) -24C. good times...many memories :) Syster Jackson is not a fan of the dark, so we was being really loud and waving the flashlight around. We were probably hilarious to watch, but there was no one there to watch us!

Tuesday was last minute packing and goodbyes. We got to see a newborn baby that one of the members had! She was precious! Got me really excited for when my sister and sister-in-law have babies in the next month! YES! I was supposed to fly out that night, but Göteborg had a major snow storm and the flight was delayed for like 3 hours. The Office rebooked me for the next day, so we headed home from the airport and got back around 10:30 pm. Dropped off the new sister's luggage in our apartment, parked the car, then realized that we left the keys in the apartment...oops. Luckily, our apartment door was unlocked and we found someone with the key to the stairwell. We then sat and ate cereal since none of us had eaten anything since like 4. Good times!

Wednesday, I flew down to Stockholm then took a train to Göteborg...was alone for about 7.5 hours (except for the 45 minutes I found the 4 Elders in Stockholm and we chatted while I had lunch). Almost felt like a normal person... :) Met with my new companion, Syster Stoughton. She is just 6 weeks younger than me in the mission and really great! She has an AMAZING singing voice and just loves the work! We had a member dinner and then watched a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast which was spectacular!

Thursday we had district meeting and lunch. Back to my very first district, just with all new faces. So many greenie flashbacks! Met some investigators, learned about the area :) Friday was more members, TUS, and weekly planning. Member dinner on Saturday plus a lesson with a few less actives. 

Sunday was good. Our ward here starts at 2 pm, so we had a meeting in the morning then church. A missionary, Elder Felix Sahlin, came home from his mission here in Sweden and gave his homecoming talk. He was actually a missionary here in Sweden and was an Assistant to the Mission President for 9 months. He really had an impact on the mission. Something that I loved that he talked about in his talk was about how the Lord is aware of us and really prepares a way for us to get everything that we need. He knows us and I know that!

Love you all!
Syster Sarah Griffes

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