Monday, December 14, 2015

Up in the North- Luleå Week 1

The weather report first:
Sunrise: 9:45
Sunset: 13:05
Temperature: 9 F, -13 C
Snow on the ground, TONS of ice. 

The cool thing is that I have already gotten a glimpse of the Northern Lights, Waiting for a really clear night so that we can see them fully :)

Transferred up here on Tuesday. That is the only time when we are alone as missionaries. It is always really good, but also a good time for reflection and preparation. I also talked to a really nice guy on the plane that is a professor up here in Luleå. He said to get in contact if I had any troubles or anything. I love people!

Having a car is weird...But the Elders have it more often, so I ride buses lots still. Which is good, because that is the best way to talk to people :) We had a couple lessons this week, but not lots. Got to meet some ward members and a really cool teenage investigator that is really willing to act and try things out.

Had my second Ward Christmas Party. So cute! In Sweden, they celebrate this really cute holiday called St. Lucia (with the girls in white dresses with candles on their heads) and all the little primary kids did a Lucia train, it was precious. More Christmas ham and pepparkakor (do yourself a favor, go to Ikea, buy pepparkakor, you will thank me later! I can eat those things by the TON). The branch up here is really cute. About 40 active members (like 144 people on the ward list, but some people live hours and hours away, so they cannot come). Very spiritual meetings. I love it already :) We have two really stellar new members and the ward wants to help with missionary work. I love them!

Video of the week (I think that maybe I have shared this one already, but cannot remember):

We watched this in Sunday School yesterday. Really got me thinking about what I am doing to serve people here. I think that I want to serve more. I love that last line in the video about giving of ourselves. When we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God (Mosiah 2:17)

Love you all,
Syster Griffes

P.S. Weird schedule for Christmas, so you will not be getting any good emails for at least a week and a half. The good news is that it gives you plenty of time to email me! :)

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