Monday, November 16, 2015

The Weird Week- Jakobsberg Week 15

Yeah...this week was just real weird. It kind of went like this...
-All important lessons fell through
-All...interesting...lessons with potential investigators went through, but we will likely not meet with any of them again

But! The Highlights:
-I got to go on splits with Syster Irene!!! (we were companions in Örebro like 6 months ago). I. Love. That. Syster! She is just so great and I always learn form her. I have learned time and time again that Heavenly Father places specific people in our lives at specific times for specific purposes and I know that she is one of those people that He gave me because I needed her. So good to spend even just a short 24 hours with her and secretly (well, not so secret anymore, I guess) hoping that we will be companions again before I head home in just 5 short months! :)
-Visited the American family in the ward. I love them! We even had funeral potatoes! 
-Role played the Restoration with a member so that he could correct our Swedish and he said that we did really well and that we didn't have very many mistakes at all. Good feeling! I just know that I sound really American when I speak, but that will never go away. I recently thought about how weird it will be when I go home and I am able to speak a language that like none of my friends and family can speak or understand...that will be strange!
-Every day in my daily planner, I write down the funny moment, the lesson learned, and the tender mercy of the day. One of the biggest, smallest tender mercy came on Friday. We were on the way home and barely missed the train that we wanted to catch by about 5 seconds, got to our train station and saw that our bus was leaving the bus station. As it drove on the rode by the train station, I half-heartedly waved it down (they usually do not stop) and...the bus driver stopped and let us on! Like it was just such a miracle and a blessing because we were exhausted and did not want to walk home and did not have time to wait for the next bus. Faith in Humanity...RESTORED!

And now...the moment that you have all been waiting for.... THE LINK TO MEET THE MORMONS!

Okay, so maybe you have not been waiting for this moment too much, but really. The documentary is only an hour long, just watch it! It is SO INSPIRING! My favorite is the Candy Bomber because it shows that one person can make a difference! Enjoy. Remember who you are and who you can become with God's help.

Love you and praying for you,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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