Monday, November 23, 2015

Sometimes I check to make sure my skirt is still on- Jakobsberg Week 16

The cold has started, so the tights and leggings are on every day. Syster Crawford sometimes looks down to be sure that her skirt is still on because she cannot feel it through the layers. The first time she told me, I busted out laughing. The struggle is real... :)

Whoa, this week was amazing. Here's why:
-Last Saturday (so, the 14th) I was praying to know what more Heavenly Father wanted us to do. The week had been weird and things felt off. I really felt like we needed to take a whole week and just completely dedicate ourselves to 100% Obedience and to meeting all of the Standards of Excellence for the mission, so we did! We didn't have much to change as far as obedience goes, just a few minor adjustments and a few things we could tighten up. With the Standards of Excellence, we really just needed to open our mouths more and teach more. So we did! And oh my goodness, what a difference it made! I can testify that when we do all that we can, even if we cannot do very much, the Lord blesses us in big ways! He really does! This is not to say that the week was perfect and we did not meet all of the Standards of Excellence, but we were closer than I have ever been in my mission! It was stellar!
-We taught the Restoration to 4 new investigators this week. That is really my favorite lesson, still! Same lesson each time, but with minor adjustments to each individual based on their needs and their backgrounds. It is really cool because Syster Crawford and I teach very similarly, so we can just take it and run with it. Have some very positive new investigators after this week :)
-As with all good things that we try to do, the adversary really tried to work against us. It was definitely true on Tuesday. We had to get our phone fixed because of a broken screen and it took much more time than we anticipated. We actually ended up having an investigator and a potential investigator call and cancel on us because of it. We were a little discouraged because both were very important lessons, but we continued and didn't let it get us down. 
-We spent time with members (active and less active). We even had two less active members that we are working with come to Stake Conference this weekend. Both were inspired and say they will come to church next week :)
-We were given many opportunities to teach people on the street, on the bus, everywhere! 
-We were able to teach quite a few lessons with members. Including a young adult that is preparing for a mission herself. She gave a talk at Stake Conference yesterday about her decision to serve and her preparation and it was just wonderful!
-We testified of Christ all week long. That is really what our message is all about: The Savior. He really is at the center of all we do and all we are. We need Him more than we will ever understand. 

Thanksgiving is coming! Sadly, Sweden does not celebrate it, BUT! There is an American family here, so we will be with them and celebrating it nonetheless :) Take time to thank everyone around you for all they mean to you. You never know who needs to hear that you love them and are grateful for them. Most importantly, take time to thank Heavenly Father for all that He has given you, because He has given you everything.

Love you lots, praying for you, and thanking Heavenly Father that I have you in my life :)
Syster Griffes

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