Monday, November 2, 2015

"She is a beautiful gaughter of dod" Jakobsberg Week 13

Well, this past two transfers has been many, many laughs. Like not going to lie, debatably the most that I have laughed in a 12 week period in my entire life. Many of these laughs have stemmed from a District Meeting at the beginning of the transfer. Elder Halterman did one of those word switches and said, "Yeah, that hour we had a meeting ago" instead of "That meeting we had an hour ago." Syster Hong and I held it together really well, but busted out laughing about it later. I kid you not, since that one occurrence, she or I or someone around us has done one of those switches almost Every. Single. Day. And we laugh our heads off every time. My favorite of the transfer was last Tuesday, Elder DeMordaunt intended to say, "She is a beautiful Daughter of God," but it came out "gaughter of dod." WE DIED! The people on the train always know when the Americans are around because we can be so loud!

This week was as follows:
-Tuesday was packing (well, Syster Hong packed, I actually just sat and put numbers back into our new phone because none of them synced into iCloud...really bummed...good thing we kept good records on paper and we actually have the numbers!) and goodbyes. Visited two member families that I love and Syster Hong loves. Syster Hong also gave the Elders their last haircuts before she heads over to the other side of the country :) The free haircuts are gone and many will be mourning that!
-Wednesday was about 2.5 hours at the Train Station in Stockholm, got to see many missionaries come and go. Said goodbye to Syster Hong, going to miss her so much! The Zone Leaders actually were helping her and another elder onto the train and got stuck on it as it started, so they had to go to Katrineholm and back (about 1.5 hours there). Real funny! I was standing outside of the train and knocked on the window when the conductor blew the whistle to let them know that they needed to get off, but they didn't quite get the message. The doors locked and I just waved at them from the platform :) Syster Crawford (new companion!) came in and we dropped her stuff off then headed to a lesson and to visit a member family.
-Thursday was ridiculous. Had District Meeting in Täby at the Mission Office. Went down to T-Central to get back in our area, but found out that there was something wrong with our phone that only the Office Elders could fix, so we went back to the office, then had to go to the Apple Store, but couldn't get in to get the screen fixed that day (two hour wait...don't think so!). Finally got to our area at about 17:30. Did some swing-bys and tracting. Ended up teaching 3 lessons and giving out 3 Book of Mormons in one stairwell. Way cool!
-Did service on Friday with a member family. Had a lesson with an investigator, then met the family of another investigator (he lives here, but they currently live in Italy, but visited). 
-Saturday we visited an old member lady, did some swingbys, visited a member family, then started to head back to our area for Weekly Planning. We got about 20 minutes out and got a call from a member that we had left a note with. Turns out he is active, just goes to Stockholm ward, BUT! He wanted us to come back so that we could meet a friend of his that he wants us to teach, so we went back and had a way spiritual lesson about fasting to receive answers. The member was a very powerful teacher and brought a very strong spirit. It was just great!
-Sunday, best day of the week! A random guy walked into the Church today and said that he met with missionaries about 10 years ago, but that he is now ready to change his life and get baptized. Like he is serious too! I had a good chance to talk to him on the bus to an activity that was later that night and he is already making very important changes in his life. He wants this and he wants to give his life to God. Amazing! Heavenly Father has really prepared people out there! I am so fortunate and blessed to be here and just be a little worker in His vineyard! (Doctrine and Covenants 138:55-56)

We had a really lovely fireside yesterday. President and Syster Beckstrand, the Assistants, and a few members from the Stockholm Stake spoke. They talked about how we need to remember who we are (think Lion King when Simba is with Rafiki, looking in the pool of water and then Mufasa came, we literally watched that clip). We are Children of God! As soon as we forget that, we forget Him. When we forget who we truly are, we lose sight of our endless potential. Remember who you are and who is out there watching your every step and hoping for your best. He knows you and He knows what you need. A Syster in the mission once asked me what the strongest part of my testimony was. I said that it was my knowledge that Heavenly Father loved me. And I know that He loves each of you too!

Love you all! 
Syster Griffes

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