Monday, October 5, 2015

"I turned the lights out on myself when I was in the bathroom" Jakobsberg Week 9

Sitting on the couch, doing weekly planning. Syster Hong gets up to go to the bathroom. The door closes and I almost immediately here a scream. "Is everything okay?" I ask. She opens the door and responds, "Yes. I just turned the lights out on myself when I was in the bathroom. I'm afraid of the dark." I busted out laughing for a good two minutes :D

I would like to begin by expressing that General Conference is the best thing ever! (but more on that later)

-Spent nearly all day Tuesday with a member, Nicki, that is preparing for her own full-time mission. We managed to have 4 lessons planned in a row (so like two blåsted us, but it's okay) at the church. We taught one investigator a little about the History of the Book of Mormon and why it is an essential book. We made lunch, then role played the Plan of Salvation with Nicki. We taught the Restoration to a new investigator :) He is looking for truth and was like, "I will make time for this!" which is much different than many people that say we ask for too much time. This is the best thing to make time for!
-Had a lovely trip out to our Island, Ekerö. That place is beautiful. If I had to live in our area, I would like on Ekerö. Swung by some less actives, did some much needed clerical work on the way there and back. Then met with the Elders and the Bishop and finished going through the ward lists. We went to the Bishop's house afterward and had a lesson with his family. He is just an amazing guy! A very strong testimony on the importance of missions and how the missionary is the most important convert. He is right!
-Taught a man that the Elders in Gubbängen (about an hour south of us by public transportation) contacted on the tunnelbana. He met with missionaries about 10 years ago and is really interested in what we believe. He has searched in a lot of different churches and recognizes the Spirit when it speaks to him. He had a million questions and I am way grateful that our ward mission leader was there to help out!

And now on to why General Conference is the best thing that can ever happen: We get to hear from our Living Prophet and receive guidance and direction that Heavenly Father knows that we need today. I love it! We watched two sessions at the Stake Center then one at a members house (with about 10 missionaries), watching the last one today. I talked to a couple different missionaries about main themes that they recognized and we all had different answers. It is just beautiful because we all hear the same words, but the Spirit teaches us the things that we need to hear individually. I learned a lot about discipleship and motherhood. I really loved how much they talked about improving, but not killing ourselves over mistakes and things. But, those are just the things that I needed to hear, so maybe you didn't even recognize those things. I know that we have a living prophet and living apostles that are guided by Heavenly Father to say and teach the things that we need today. Heavenly Father still speaks to His Children today, just as He did in times past. He loves us even more than we can understand and wants each and every one of us to return to Him.

Love you lots,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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