Monday, August 10, 2015

The Crippled Week- Jakobsberg Week 1

So like, I am not actually crippled. I did, however, over-strain a ligament in my right ankle. Walking is not so fun and the doctor says I need to stay off of it as much as possible, but like missionary work does not work that way. It has gotten better in the past few days and the swelling has gone way down :)

-Last P-day in Örebro was superb. We got to go out hiking with a family for FHE and grilled hot dogs (actually called korv, not as good as hot dogs which is saying something because hot dogs are really not that good). 
-Last full day in Örebro was really packed. We met three very positive investigators. Including the one from Togo I talked about last week. He is way busy with soccer and training (he came here just to play), but is super positive and has really good questions. Sad to leave that one, but I know that Syster Bourelle and Syster Jacobs will take care of him. 
-Picking Syster Jacobs up was an adventure. Her train was supposed to come in at 20:43 on Tuesday. We got to the train station and she was delayed until 21:13 then it progressively got worse until she pulled in to the station at about 12:43 on Wednesday morning. There was a fire really close to the tracks, so things were way delayed. We finally got home around 1:15, just to wake up at 6:30 and I caught my train at 7:46. Also delayed, but only by 30 minutes. I met my new companion, Syster Hong, in Stockholm and we headed to the Pendeltågs to go to Jakobsberg (north west of inner-city Stockholm) where we live. 
-Systers have only been in Jakobsberg for 5 weeks, so we have been doing a TON of organizing, calling, and swinging-by people this week. We had 2 member meals and both were spectacular. This ward seems really great and I am excited to get to know all of them! The first Sunday is always a whirlwind because a million people tell you their name and you remember about 5 of them...if that... I also bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting to introduce myself. This ward is much smaller than Örebro, but we are going to build it back up to its former glory :)
-On Saturday, we taught a guy from Congo that we met the day before. Gave him Le Livre de Mormon. He seems really interested and pretty positive. 

We shared the following video with a member this week. I love it! We really do never know how much the little things we do mean to other people. Look for those little miracles that are around you every day and you will come to find that the Lord is really in the tiny details of your life. I know that He truly is there through every moment, good and bad. 

Love you all!
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Happy (almost healthy) Servant of the Lord

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