Monday, August 3, 2015

Re: Good-byes: Round 2- Örebro Week 17

Forgot this one!
-I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. Every time I do that, I always take Moroni's challenge and pray about it. It was so cool because I could just feel the Spirit bearing witness before I even prayed. I bore my testimony in Sacrament on Sunday and talked about how my testimony grows "Brighter and brighter" (Doctrine and Covenants 50:24) each time I read from, testify of, and give out a Book of Mormon. I love that book with my entire heart. It means everything to me. I know that it is true.

On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 3:44 PM, Sarah Griffes <> wrote:
Well, the news is in. On Wednesday, I will be moving to Stockholm. I will be serving in the Jakobsberg Ward :) (Jakobsberg is pronounced like this: Yaw kobbs berry...kind of...Swedish...) Excited for a change, but nervous about being in the city. Country girl, through and through :) I am really looking forward to this new challenge and ready to give my everything to the work in Jakobsberg. Going to finish the second half of my mission stronger than the first :)

The Highlight Reel:
-Read together in the Book of Mormon with one of our investigators. He previously said that he just wanted to read to get information and see if there was good, but now says that he actually wants to know if it is true! YES! He prayed for the first time in our lesson and even came to church on Sunday. He really needs this and the Church really needs him :)

-Taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an investigator from Eritrea that now has the Book of Mormon in a language that she can read! It went really well and she said that if she finds out it is true, she will be baptized.

-Oh. My. Goodness. Two weeks ago, Syster Bourelle contacted this guy by Slottet. Met him this past week. He is from Togo (in Africa, by Ghana). We pulled out Le Livre de Mormon and he looked at it, looked at us, then said, "I know this book! I have read it before! I know this church. I want to be baptized in this church!" Turns out he has really good friends that are members, has been to the Church before, and has even been to the Temple in Ghana. So perfect!

-For District Meeting this week, we held a double funeral (two missionares are "Dying" AKA going home). It was hilarious. The "eulogies" were really sweet and we had chocolate chip pancakes after :) Favorite quote? "You will now be leaving your mission and going to the great YSA (Young Single Adult) Ward in the sky" :) Mormon culture is get home, get married :)

-Taught our Persian investigator how to pray in Swedish for a language lesson. He really wants to know about the church and everything. I really wish that the Persian translation of the Book of Mormon was good, but I hear that it is awful!

Holy Cow. 18 Weeks in Örebro will come to an end on Wednesday. It has really flown by. I really have loved this place and these people. Leaving is so hard! I have really learned so much in my time here! The members are such great examples of giving your EVERYTHING to the Lord and to others. I learned about some different character faults of mine and have worked hard at changing them. I have learned that happiness is a choice and we get to decide how things go. We can make the best of every situation and come out better because of it. Because it is me, I have a really good talk about just that :)

Love you all! Next time you hear from me, I will be in the biggest city in Sweden. Here's to hoping I do not get lost! :)
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Happy, Dedicated Servant of the Lord.

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