Monday, August 17, 2015

"I hear it hurts your soul less if you lie in your mission language" Jakobsberg Week 2

Quote comes from Elder Johnson (an elder I was in the MTC with). A few of us from our group were talking about who we thought was going to get married first after the mission. We all voted on this one specific sister then another elder, Elder Jones, said, "But what if mom (they all call me the mom of the group) has a guy in her sleeve and just gets home and bam she wins!" To which I replied "Det finns inget" (there is no one) then Elder Johnson threw that back at me. I just love my little mission family so much! So many great friends :) Plus they make fun of me just like all of my closest friends back home from high school and college (you know who you are!)

This week was one of those weeks where we had quite a bit planned, but people kept calling and canceling or changing plans. So we made up a lot of impromptu plans and called about a million people. 
-We role-played the Restoration with a Young Woman in the ward. It was so sweet and the Spirit was very strong. All the Young Women here are just spectacular. I know that they need us here and I can see that our influence is helping them already. They are just the greatest!
-We got to visit two members that are from Latvia and are both Returned Missionaries. They are super great examples and the Spirit of their home is so strong! Love them!
-We spent most of the day on Friday doing chalk art in Stan in Stockholm. Nearly our whole zone got together to draw the temple that Christ came to when He visited the Americas (well, that was the end goal, but we did not quite reach it...that painting is impossible to do in chalk!). The real objective was to talk to as many people as possible. It was really fun to be with everyone and we were able to give out many Book of Mormons. A lovely time :)
-Visited an old lady in the ward. I love elderly people! They just have so much experience and I always learn so, so much from each and every visit. Wisdom definitely comes with experience!

Sometimes we have to exercise a lot of patience before we receive the things that we think we need or want. Heavenly Father really knows those things that we stand in need of and gives them to us in His timing according to His plan. Trust in Him. He knows best 

Love ya! 
Syster Griffes

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