Monday, July 13, 2015

"Z-dawg was like..." Örebro Week 14

When Syster Bourelle and I do companionship study in the mornings, we recount different stories from the Book of Mormon that we studied during personal study and they usually include ridiculous names and modern phrases. She called Zeezrom Z-dawg :)

Things from this week:
-Taught the Plan of Salvation to an investigator that really doesn't have a belief in God. He likes that we look at God as our Loving Heavenly Father instead of a harsh God. He also liked how we admitted that we do not have all the answers. We had two members with us and they were great. Both bore powerful testimony on how the Gospel has blessed them
-Spent a day in Arboga with a member couple. They are super great and give everything for the Lord. Such great examples of Charity and Sacrifice. 
-Randomly met and investigator we have not seen in weeks on the bus. We had a really long conversation/lesson about who God is and how there is absolute truth. We just have to ask God what that is.
-Visited some less actives and they want to go to the temple. We are making goals and figuring out how to get them there. Neither has been before. Excited to help them see what they are missing out on right now!
-Not this week, but the week before, we had a random guy that we street contacted come to church. We met him this week and he is pretty positive. Only barrier is that he speaks Persian and we are still looking for a good translator...Language Barriers all day long....
-Like two weeks ago, we met this guy street contacting and talked about the meaning of life. He has been going through a rough time in life, so we gave him a Book of Mormon and testified of how much it has helped us through our weaknesses and trials. He did not want to give us his number, so we thought we would never see him again. BUT! He randomly showed up to Church yesterday! His first time ever in a church and he liked it! We are meeting him this week :) The Book of Mormon is the BEST BOOK EVER!

I read this talk this week by President Henry B. Eyring and pretty much loved it. The only thing that is covering us from the Lord is the pavilions that WE create. He is always there. He has promised that He will never leave or forsake us. We need to remove the pavilions in our life (pride, distractions, unwillingness, lack of love, etc.) to receive the fulness of His blessings. He want to bless us, but we have to allow Him to do so. Take time and think about how you can allow His light into your life more starting TODAY!

Love you, praying for you. 
Syster Sarah Griffes

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