Monday, July 20, 2015

"I'm British. We're treacherous, it's what we do" Örebro Week 14

Quote comes from Elder Falkner, from my MTC group. Saw him this week at a Zone Training and he said that line. Perfect. I don't even remember what all he said otherwise, but caught this perfect one :)

Kind of a weird week, but good things too:
-We taught the Restoration quite a bit this week. I think that it is and probably will always be my favorite lesson. It just has such a strong Spirit with it. I love testifying to people about why I know that the Church is God's church, the Book of Mormon is His word, and Joseph Smith was His prophet. It is great to see how this message changes people.
-Taught this one investigator the Restoration and he really softened up during the lesson. He always tells us that he does not need God and that there is no reason to pray and stuff, but then he sees the logic and feels the Spirit. We have it narrowed down to the question, "What do you have to lose by asking?" He is going to think about it and get back to us. (the Answer is that he has nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain!)
-Saturday was super packed. But like the language barriers are killers. An investigator from Kurdistan, one from Eritrea, and one from Iran. Like each can speak basic English or Swedish, but the Gospel jargon is NOT basic. Google Translate is a huge blessing for missionary work :)
-Had dinner on Sunday with a member family. Every time we are with them, I am just so happy because they remind me of my family in so many ways. Terrible (but lovely) dad jokes, the mom that holds it all together, sisters that are close and talk about everything, a little brother that is hilarious (older brother is on a mission) and pretty much just happiness :)
-We had a lesson with an investigator from Iran that cannot speak much English, so we had a translator over the phone that speaks Persian. We taught the Restoration then our investigator and the member translator went on a really long conversation and we have essentially no idea what in the world they talked about...Good things, but like we just don't know what :)
-We had a special zone training on Friday. President and Syster Beckstrand essentially had Family Home Evening with all of the missionaries in the zone. We were allowed to ask them questions and they answered. It was just a marvelous experience. They are amazing examples and literally give everything for us. I know that they were chosen specifically for this mission and specifically for me today. I have learned so much from them and continue to learn from them. Could not ask for better Mission Parents :)
-The Elders here in Örebro (Elder Smith and Elder Williams) had a baptism this week! The new member is from Sudan. He traveled 9 days by boat from Sudan to Egypt, then to Italy. He and his wife then traveled as far away as they could and ended up in Sweden. He was Muslim, but decided he wanted to become Christian. Told a friend, the friend gave him the missionaries' number and BAM! He got baptized last week. There are prepared people out there!

Wednesday was my 9 month mark! That mean that I am now more than halfway done with my mission. Time has absolutely FLOWN (at times, other times it just seems to crawl :) It is just so crazy to think about all that has happened and how much I have changed and everything. A lot has happened: many trials, many smiles, and lots of growth. I have learned a lot so far about many different things, but mostly I have learned about Heavenly Father's love for each and every one of us. He really knows us, individually and perfectly. He has a plan for YOUR life that is amazing and personally tailored for you. He really loves us and I have learned so, so much about that since I have been here on my mission. Excited to make the second half even better, grow even more, and work even harder. God speed!

Love you!
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Servant of the Lord

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