Monday, June 8, 2015

Zone Conference, Special Stake Conference, and Everything in Between- Örebro Week 9

I forgot to write down funny things that happened this week so we have no funny title :(

Tuesday we had the usual, service, lunch, studies. We visited a member and helped brighten her day a little bit. We read our favorite mission scriptures (mine is Alma 26:12 and Syster Bourelle's is Doctrine and Covenants 18: 15-16). We then took a train to Stockholm for Zone Conference. We got to stay the night with the Systers in Västerhaninge. Guess who is there?!? SYSTER IRENE! I love that girl! It was good to see her and catch up...even if it had only been 3 weeks :)

Zone Conference on Wednesday was fabulous, as always. They always talk about things that I have been pondering about. I know that the leaders of our mission are guided by Heavenly Father! We talked about Raising the Bar as missionaries and how we need to just keep going, even when the going is tough. We also talked about being "Disciples in the Digital Age." A few months ago, President and Syster Beckstrand were in Germany and they had a big meeting with many other mission presidents and David A. Bednar (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) about using technology in missionary work. There are missions in the US, Europe, and Asia that have received iPad mini's to help with missionary work. Our mission is not one of these, but they say that we should be receiving them within the next year-ish (really, we have no idea when. We just wait). We traveled back to Örebro that night then back to Stockholm again on Thursday ( didn't make any sense to me either...) to go on Splits with the Syster Training Leaders there. I went back to Örebro with Syster Bolton. We did some street contacting that night and actually had a street lesson for over an hour. We talked about lots of things like how much God loves us and how He is always listening when we pray to Him. We invited the two men to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. It was really good and the Spirit was very strong. 

On Friday Syster Bolton and I went up to Hällefors to visit the less active family that lives up there. We had a member with us and we talked about the Restoration and how it can bless our families (specifically that we have temples in which our families can be sealed together for time and all eternity). I am so glad that I get to be with my family forever. I just love them so much! We then switched companions back and Syster Bourelle and I did weekly planning. Saturday was Sweden's National Day. Let's just say it is a really little thing here. Most exciting thing that happened was that the king came to Örebro, but we didn't even get to see him :( We had a little ward party. I love this ward! We planned to have a lesson with one of the guys we met on the street on Thursday, but he couldn't come, so we role played the Restoration with a YSA. We then helped the Elders set stuff up for one of their investigators in her new apartment. It was really lovely. She had a question about Joseph Smith, so we got to talk about him and all that he has done for us. Like he literally gave his life for this Gospel. He is pretty much the greatest (Doctrine and Covenants 135:3).

Sunday. We had a special stake conference broadcast from Scotland to all of Great Britain and Scandanavia. The talks were superb and really moving. We did studies then went tracting (knocking on doors). We got to teach the Restoration to a girl at her door and had some other, smaller, really cool interactions. I love missionary work!

One of my favorite talks from Sunday was one about how we need to "Reach out and Rescue" those around us. The guy talked about how there are people out there that need each and every one of us to help them. He talked about how no attempt is too small and that as we help, we receive opportunities to do more and more every day. There are people waiting out there for YOUR rescuing hand! Go find them and help them! 

And then, of course, Elder Holland spoke about the Book of Mormon. He bore a powerful testimony about how it IS God's word for us. He really hit on the point that it was translated by Joseph Smith and written by prophets in ancient America. A lot of people are really confused about this and sometimes have a hard time accepting it, but I like what Elder Holland said, "No bad man would write this book and no good man would pretend to." It is the book that can bring us closer to Heavenly Father than any other book. It testifies of Christ and "is a shield and protection" against Satan. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I am so, so grateful that I get to share that truth with everyone here in Sweden. 

I hope that this letter finds all of you well and happy. Don't forget how much God loves you and looks out for you. He has a plan for your life specifically, you just have to go to Him in prayer and figure out what it is. 
Love you!
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Servant of the Lord

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