Monday, June 22, 2015

"They will be attracted to our righteousness" Örebro Week 11

Quote comes from Elder Smith, an Elder here in Örebro. We wore normal clothes (like jeans and t-shirts) for Midsommar (more about that later) for the ward party (like 1 of the 2 days in the year we can wear normal clothes). We were getting picked up by a member and I asked how they would recognize us from far away without our proselyting clothes and Elder Smith responded as said. :) He pretty much has the best one-liners. 

This week was Midsommar. It is a holiday pretty much just celebrated in Sweden. It is the Celebration for the longest day of the year/the change to summer. As with most Swedish holidays, the big celebration was the day before (so on June 20, called Midsommarafton) instead of the actually holiday (Midsommardagen). No idea why they do that... BUT! Midsommar was way fun! Traditions with Midsommar? Have a pole with flowers on it and do crazy dances around it. Eat as many strawberries as humanly possible. Eat sill. Wear traditionally Swedish clothes. Have a jolly good time. We celebrated with our Ward, so our Midsommar pole was not so big and there were not so many people, but it was lovely, nonetheless. I love this ward! 

Other cool things from this week:
-We visited an old lady in the Ward and sang a hymn to her. Her smile afterward was priceless and precious. She prayed before we left and said the sweetest prayer that we would be safe and successful and it was perfect. Every prayer matters!

-We met with an awesome new investigator that is Swedish and 20. She found a faith and relationship with Heavenly Father on her own and wants to keep on strengthening it. It is wonderful and she is way awesome. She even came to church on Sunday! Another one of our investigators came too. It was wonderful!

-We helped a family in our Ward with their roof. Fact of the day: Swedish roofs are weird. Many of them are just tiles that are not actually attached to the roof, they kind of just hang there. We helped them to remove the tiles with this slide contraption that the Father build. They are all super handy. It was pretty fun and we were pretty sore the next day :) And a little sunburnt :)

-A member in the ward gave us a referral for a friend. We swung by and her friend was not interested, but we had some time, so we went tracting and got invited into a lady's apartment to talk to her. She is way positive and open. The cool thing is that we are pretty much never in that area, so the member was inspired, even if it was not her friend that needed us. The Lord has prepared people everywhere. Just have to find them!

Father's day was this past Sunday in America (it is in November in Sweden). I love this video about our fathers and our Heavenly Father. I am so, so grateful for my dad and all the things that I have learned from him. I would not be me without him. I feel like I am learning more and more each day that makes me more grateful for my earthly father and my Heavenly Father. Love both of them more than I can say!

With love,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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