Monday, June 1, 2015

"Elder Erikson would be a potato" Örebro Week 9

Quote this week comes from District Meeting last week. Every missionary had to decide what their companion's patronus is... Elder Erikson comes from Idaho, so it fits. Syster Bourelle says I would have a hippogriff. OH YES! 

In other news, this week I realized that I have officially become used to be tired all the time. Like I am still always tired, it is just not so big of a thing anymore. Just keep going all day long then basically fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow :) We can sleep in the eternities 

After P-day last Monday, we had a lesson with a TU (Tänkbara Undersökare AKA Potential Investigator). We then dropped by a less active member. We dropped by him probably like 3 or 4 times this week and he has not been home...ever. Which is really weird because he is almost always home. Getting kind of worried, so we are praying a lot for him. On Tuesday, we did service as usual then made lunch and the Elders just happened to notice that we had a lot left over, so they kindly ate with us. ahahaha, Elders...never full...NEVER. We helped a member out with her visiting teaching (the program that we have in which all of the women in the Ward visit each other every month. Each woman is assigned like 2 or 3 other women to visit, pretty great program that helps us all watch out for each other). We talked about virtue and how it is really the beginning of all other good characteristics. We also had a lesson with an investigator. I just love him and his family! They are so, so cute! And way, way faithful. Both of the parents literally grew up on missions in South America and they are so great!

On Wednesday we went to Arboga to visit all the less actives. Always a lovely time with lots of different lessons. We talked about things from the Sabbath day to gratitude to missionary work to charity. On Thursday, we had a real random day. We had district meeting then had to go and get Syster Bourelle's personnummer. We did some studies, then visited less actives. They were home!!! It is always a miracle when someone answers that door that you have been knocking on for weeks. On Friday, we did weekly planning then had a lesson with an investigator. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It just answers all of the questions in life. It is really cool because when we teach it, people usually say things like, "oh this sounds familiar" or "oh this makes sense." You know why it sounds familiar and makes sense?!? Because we knew about this plan before we even came to the earth! We agreed to it and sanctioned Jesus Christ as our Savior before we were even born! We lived with our Heavenly Father and were taught at His feet. We just get to remind people about it. So much happiness!

We also had dinner with a family in the ward. They also invited a young married couple in the ward. The husband of the couple served his mission in Michigan! We can talk about all the Michigan things. He told this really funny story about how one time they accidentally walked into someone's house because they thought it was an apartment building. They saw a person and his companion RAN out of the house and down the path, but he just tried to sneak out real quite. Then the house owner comes out and freaked out and asked what they were doing. He was like, "sorry! I'm from Sweden! I didn't know it was a house!" Using our nationality as an excuse...only in missionary work :)

Saturday was super rainy, but a lesson canceled, so we went tracting. We then had a lesson with two investigators from Iran (language barriers all day long!). We did some family history then visited a member family. The dad served his mission in England, so there was so much British pride. Love it!

Yet again, Sunday takes the cake :) Always exactly what I need. For our first hour, the women and men are usually separated, but every 5th Sunday, we have a meeting together. This time our Ward Mission Leader gave a presentation on Missionary Work and it was stellar. Hopefully it will get people pumped about sharing the Gospel, which is the most important thing in their lives, so why wouldn't they want to share it with everyone they meet? We had dinner with a member family, then went tracting. We had like a 30 minute discussion with this guy that believes in nothing other than evolution and says he cannot believe unless he has proof. He told us that he wants us to start asking "why" about everything. So I answered and said, "Because we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and has a plan for us." 

Sacrament Meeting was on Sunday Fast and Testimony Meeting. Instead of having a few speakers like we usually do, anyone is welcome to go and bear their testimony. It is always a really great meeting and the Spirit is so strong. I learn something new every time. This time I was reminded about all the Savior did for our Salvation. Missionary work is not easy, but the Savior did much more for us than He requires me to do. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. 

So glad to be out here in Sweden. There are hard days and long days and it is not easy, but it is so worth it! I am learning and growing so, so much every day. Like you all will probably not even recognize the person that I am when I get home. She is going to be so awesome!

Love you lots! Thanks for everything you do and everything you are,
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Happy, Dedicated, Willing Servant of the Lord 

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