Monday, May 4, 2015

Valborg, Wedding Reception, and More- Örebro Week 5

This week was just a whole bunch of random stuff.

Monday, we were at YSA Family Home Evening. They played basketball, I watched (if you really know me, you will know that 1. I have asthma and 2. I am TERRIBLE at sports, so watching is just better). A member YSA was talking with a non-member in French and I understood almost everything that they were saying! Good to know that I have not completely lost a language that I love (just cannot really speak it anymore). 

On Tuesday, we went up to Hällefors to visit the less active family that lives there. It was a beautiful day, so we worked outside in the yard. The day we came, one of their daughters made this observation, "Dad, when the missionaries come, it is always a good day" :D We then went on exchanges. So, Syster Irene went to Stockholm with a Syster Training Leader and I stayed in Örebro with another Syster Training Leader, Syster DeMille. It was a really good time and I learned a lot. The train ride to Stockholm on Wednesday was 2 hours there then two back. So 4 hours on a train, but it was a beautiful day so we got to see lots. 

Thursday we had District Meeting, had fika with an investigator (this woman! Oh my goodness! She is an amazing cook and baker! Like, she made this amazing cake with orange and chocolate without a recipe). Then it was a Swedish holiday called Valborg, so we were not allowed to proselyte for the evening. Basically it is a holiday from came from when they used to burn "witches" here in Sweden (at least, I think that is what it is...). People just get together and have bonfires and do fireworks. We went out to a member family's place (they live in the middle of nowhere, it was beautiful). We had a lovely dinner then played charades with Disney Characters and people from the Scriptures. It was wonderful and hilarious!

On Friday we had some lessons with investigators and did some role playing with members. We did some mission prep with a YSA. He and I taught Syster Irene role playing as someone she knew. She was being a really rough investigator and the lesson was going downhill. Then, the YSA just bore a simple, but powerful testimony about how the Book of Mormon has blessed his life. It was really cool and the Spirit was really strong.

Saturday was weekly planning then we helped a part member family out with a wedding reception. It was just adorable, the couple is so cute! It was pretty cool because he is from Sweden and she is from Denmark. This happens a ton with church members here in Scandinavia. The funny thing is that they usually communicate in English :) We then did some mission prep with a YSA. We talked about the power of a simple testimony. It is really all that we have in the end. People can deny all they want, but they cannot deny our testimonies of truth.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful 3-hour block of church. It was Fast and Testimony Meeting. Every month, all the members fast for 2 meals then have the opportunity to bear their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting. It was really Spiritual and I learned a lot. After, we attempted to visit a less active family, but they are not interested, so we went tracting in their area. :) We then taught the Restoration to a member for practice. I love teaching about how the Church and Gospel was restored so much! Each time, I can just feel the Spirit witness to me that it is true! That Heavenly Father does speak to us through a Prophet today and that the Book of Mormon is a true account of the people in the Americas. I hope that everyone we teach can find that it is true for themselves, because I know that it is with all my heart.

I love this quote I received on exchanges this week:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts"- Winston Churchill

We just have to keep going! When things get tough and life seems to much to bear, we just have to push forward and do the very best we can, then Jesus Christ makes up the rest. 

Go serve somebody...TODAY! There are always people around that need our love, influence, and help. Do everything you can to help and bless others and you will find that it blesses you more than you can imagine.

Love you bunches,
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Servant in the Lord's Vineyard

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