Monday, May 11, 2015

Big News...! Örebro Week 6

I bet with that title, you are wondering what the new is...well, I am just going to put it in with all the rest of the stuff so that you have to read the whole thing :) muahahaha

Last week for YSA, we just played games with all the YSA and the Elders. The Elders invited someone that they contacted on the bus to come and she actually came! She is from Iran and WAY sweet. We rode the same bus as her home and she asked for our number so that we can meet and talk about Jesus Christ (this like NEVER happens). Super excited about that! (no, that is not the news)

On Tuesday we did service, visited an old less active lady (we found out that she has dementia. Way sad, but she still remembers that the Church is way important and that missionaries are way important). We then met with...wait for it...A FAMILY (nope, still not big news). They are Swedish! We are starting to teach them. The husband has met with missionaries before and thinks it is all interesting, we just have to get them to know how important it is because it is The Most Important Thing!

Wednesday we went to Arboga. So cute! We visited 5 less actives. So great to help them and strengthen them. They are all in pretty hard situations (jobless, trying to get visas, etc) and it is so good to just meet with them and give them a bit of hope. A member lady came with us and really loved it. She wants to come back next time :)

Thursday started out as just a normal day, then I got a very important phone call (so this is the big news). President Beckstrand called and said that I am going to be training a new missionary! I will have a greenie (that is what we call new missionaries)! So on Wednesday, I will head to Stockholm and get my new companion. No idea who she is or where she is from, but it is going to be so exciting! I am scared to death and definitely do not feel ready. It is said that Heavenly Father does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

On Friday we had an interesting day...Syster Irene started texting people to let them know that she is leaving and one of our investigators called and was MAD. Like so mad! He then proceeded to propose to her over the phone. So, so, so funny. Needless to say, we are no longer teaching him, but the Elders might be. We had a lesson with an investigator and talked about prayer, scripture study, and following the prophet. We then taught a member the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday we did weekly planning then headed to Stockholm for Stake Conference (a General Authority was there, so all the fulltime missionaries were invited too). The General Authority, Hans T. Boom is from the Netherlands. He was an excellent speaker and had superb english! The cool thing was that he would speak English then the translator would say it in Swedish and I was like, "I could have done this!" More later about what he talked about.

Sunday was also stake conference. Then we went back home to Örebro and got to skype home! We only get to do this twice a year (mother's day and Christmas), so it is a real treat! I love my family and it was so, so, so good to see them! :)

My favorite thing about Stake Conference was when Elder Boom talked about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. It is something that the leaders of the Church have really been thinking and talking about. The Sabbath Day is the Lord's Day! We need to remember that and keep it in our minds. It is a day to focus on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, spend time with family, and study the Gospel. It is really a gift to us from a Heavenly Father that knows we need that day of rest. I put a link to a good talk about this at the bottom

Love you all lots! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Syster Sarah Griffes

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