Monday, April 27, 2015

The Wonderful Week of Walking- Örebro Week 4

I swear we walked like 25k this week. Seriously, no joke. It was kind of ridiculous, but pretty great all at the same time (especially because we had FABULOUS weather nearly all week!)

On Tuesday, we did service at the church like we usually do with the Elders, a member, and a less active came too! It was pretty fun to just talk together and everything. Syster Irene and I then went down to southern Örebro to drop by two referrals and two less active members. We didn't actually get to see any of them, but we did drop off Book of Mormons or cookies. We then headed down to Kumla (a country town) for dinner with a member family. Oh my goodness, it was beautiful out there! They live pretty much in the middle of nowhere with fields and woods and all the good things. It was nice to be away from the city, hear the birds, and see the open skies. So gorgeous! The family was way fun and nice too. We taught about baptism and taking the Sacrament and how it washes away our sins. Then we practice teaching the Restoration with the parents and oldest daughter. The parents also shared their conversion stories with us. Have I ever mentioned how much I love conversion stories? :D

Now, Wednesday was the day where most of the walking occurred. We were in Odensbacken, south of Örebro, for lunch with a member, then decided that we should go and visit a less active that lived in Odensbacken too. Well, google maps on our iPhone was not quite right about where the person lived, so we tried to find their house. It was another country town, with tons of fields and open spaces and sheep (I saw sheep!). We walked and walked and walked (really started feeling like pioneer children), asked a lady who was outside at her house if she knew where it was, she said we needed to go about halfway back then take a different road. Well, we finally found the guy's house (his name is Adam). Knock on the door, start talking to "Adam."  He was like "Thanks so much for coming all the way out here, it means a lot." Then we talk some more and he goes, "wait, do you know what my name is?" and we go "Adam...?" And he says, "No, Adam used to live here. I'm Ali." We walked all the way out there to find out that Adam had moved to Örebro. Hahahaha, pretty ridiculous, but a beautiful walk. We then visited another less active that lived in the middle of nowhere, also not home. All-in-all, a beautiful 15k walk that day in the country, reminds me of home. So, so, so good to get away from the city sometimes. This Syster is not a city girl :)

Thursday we had district meeting then we dropped by more less actives (we are working on getting through the entire list of less actives by the end of the transfer). We role played the Plan of Salvation (which answers all of those good questions like: Where did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I going after this life?) with a member, got blåsted by a TU, and role played with a YSA preparing for a mission. We had a member lunch on Monday then lessons with various investigators and role played with other members.

Saturday was weekly planning, role playing, dinner with a member family. I love families here! They are so, so great! This family comes from Africa and are way, way strong in their faith. They are so willing to help us and anyone else out with anything. We then went by (and actually talked with!) a less active that we are working with. Sunday...the best, like always. Church was really good. All the talks were on faithfulness. One speaker got back from his mission a year ago (he served in Lansing Michigan!) and told this really great story about a lady that he met on the mission who converted and how the Gospel really helped her make a 360 change in her life. It was really good. We then had a lunch with the whole ward (riktig Hungarian Goulash made by a Hungarian family here in Örebro). We role played with our ward mission leader, visited an old member lady, then had dinner with an investigator. A pretty smashing Sunday, if you ask me.

I wanted to share two videos with all of you this week. Definitely two of my favorite mormon messages. They both remind me about the why behind our trials and how they make us better. The fact is that we need our trials; they refine us, help us, and allow us to grow as people and grow closer to our Heavenly Father. We just need to learn to rely on Him and let Him make us into all that we can be, because He can make us infinitely more than we could ever make of ourselves.

Love you all dearly. Praying for you lots.
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Servant of the Lord. A Disciple of Jesus Christ (3 Nephi 5:13)

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