Monday, April 13, 2015

"Should we play the Book of Mormon card?" Örebro Week 2

This might be short, I'm running out of time! This week's quote comes from a Young Single Adult (YSA) here in the ward. He is preparing for a mission, so we were role playing a lesson and he wasn't sure what to do anymore.

Last Tuesday, we did service at the church. We raked a lot of the lawn and Syster Irene and I had a really good opportunity to talk and laugh. She is really great and we get along amazing. We have made lots of really great goals and have an awesome vision for this transfer. We can do great things, I just know it! We had a lesson with an investigator from Lebanon and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really good. He is really cool and is recognizing the Holy Ghost in his life more and more. 

On Wednesday, we did a role play with a member. We taught her the Restoration and it was really good. The best part was that she taught in Relief Society on Sunday about the Book of Mormon and she said that when we taught her, she felt the Spirit really strong and it reminded of her the first time that she heard the Restoration. She encouraged all of the women to let us teach them too. :)

On Thursday we went to Hällefors to visit a less active family. It's like 1.5 hours away. We had a really good family home evening with them on the importance of families. We read some from the Book of Mormon about the Atonement and how it lifts our burdens. Really good.

Friday was Zone Training in Katrineholm. The bus we needed to take to get to the train station left early, so we ran/walked to the train station, found the elders running to the train, jumped on, only to find out that it was the wrong train. We identified the right train, but it pulled away as we ran up. A member was our life saver and drove the 4 of us to the next train station where our connecting train was. Training was really good. We talked about how our morning studies were our "Time in God's Classroom." It's true! That is the time when we can really be taught by Him for ourselves and for our investigators.

Saturday we had lots planned. We visited a less active and watched a video about the Atonement, had a lesson with an investigator, then got blåsted (when people don't show up/cancel last minute) twice. We actually have gotten blåsted quite a bit this week. We have also walked all over Örebro to visit less actives, but none of them have been home. I think we are being tested. We just have to prove to Heavenly Father that we are still willing to do everything, even if things do not go our way.

Sunday was really good. This ward is huge compared to Trollhättan! Like, so big! Everyone is way nice and there are lots of kids here :) Each new missionary in the ward gets to bear their testimony, so I did that. The last time I did it in Swedish over the pulpit was my second week in Sweden. My Swedish has definitely gotten better. We had a member dinner after and talked about the Holy Ghost and how it can guide us. The member parents shared experiences and stories, it was way good. 

On Wednesday, I will have been on my mission for 6 months. That is just too crazy to think about! The time has really flown and I have just learned so much. Times can be hard, but this is definitely the best and most fulfilling thing that I have ever done. I love teaching people about the Gospel! It means everything to me and I just love to see how it can change their lives

Love you!
Syster Griffes

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