Sunday, March 29, 2015

Till we meet... - Trollhättan Week 18

Easter is coming! I love it! Here is a link to the lovely new website and video that we have been sharing with people for Easter.

#BecauseHeLives I can share the message of the Gospel with Sweden and show them that He lives and loves them. And I love it with all my heart!

Last Monday for P-day, Syster Hoke and I went with couple elders to a pretty legit kids museum called Universium. Really neat, but maybe not worth the price for us 18 and 19 year olds. Fun, nonetheless. On Tuesday, we visited a less active then headed over to Ellös (near the coast) with a member couple to visit our investigator that lives there. The drive is wonderful! We accidentally missed a turn, so we ended up on the coast of Western Sweden in a town called Grundsund. Oh, it was so pretty! The houses there are lovely colors and the sun was shining and it was pretty marvelous. The lesson was great too. The members really help out and our investigator is getting ready for his baptism in 2 weeks :) 

The rest of the week was pretty normal, but a pretty slow week. Lessons, member dinners, less active drop-bys, all that jazz. Saturday was my 20th birthday. To celebrate we...Did missionary work! Hahaha, we also had innebandy, in which a member made a delicious cake. We had lunch at Truly Indian with our investigator that is Indian with our hands, in Indian style :) Valuable things I have learned on my mission include how to eat like an Indian :D Syster Hoke did a lots of really nice things for my birthday, like decorating our apartment and coordinating so that our district members called and all that jazz. She's the! (I accidently used the phrase "all that jazz" twice in a paragraph...what is my life coming to?!?)

On Sunday, we had a lovely Church meeting. During Sunday school, we taught a less active member who hasn't been to church in like 23 years, but wants to come back now. So cool! I love when people remember how much the Gospel means to them! It means EVERYTHING to me! We also had dinner with 2 member couples and an investigator, had a lesson, and visited another member family. A good Sabbath Day :)

I really hate goodbyes. Like I really, really hate them. I know that it is really just a "See you later!" but it still stinks. By now, you probably know that I am getting transferred. On Friday at District Meeting, our zone leaders told our whole district (15 missionaries) who all was transferring. On Wednesday April 1, I will be transferring to Örebro. Don't know much about the place, but I have heard many good things (for example, the ward is big with about 120 active members!) and I am looking forward to new experiences.

I, however, am not looking forward to leaving Trollhättan. Syster Hoke laughs sometimes because I often say that I love things with my entire heart. And I really do love Trollhättan with my entire heart! This is where I started my journey as a missionary. Where I learned Swedish (okay, so it is still a learning process), I was trained, I learned what missionaries do, I grew as a person and as a missionary, etc. I learned to love our investigators and really care for and pray for them. I learned to give my all. From the ward, I learned to serve with everything that I have. To love and seek out the ONE that needs me now. I told Syster Hoke when she first came that Trollhättan was a Zion on earth and I will firmly hold to that. True, it is not perfect, the people are not perfect, but to me, it is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I know that Trollhättan is exactly where Heavenly Father needed me to be for other people and exactly where I needed to be to learn the lessons that I learned. I am really not looking forward to saying goodbye to this place and all of these people (I have already said goodbye to quite a few), but it is time. I know it, I feel that a new adventure with new joys and challenges is awaiting, just a 3.5 hour train ride away :)

With Love,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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