Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Just read the book! Read the book!" Trollhättan Week 14

One of those weeks where not much happened, but we made about a million phone calls and dropped by a lot of less active members.

On Tuesday it was quite rainy. I keep thinking that maybe it will stop raining soon, but, alas, no relief from that yet. We went by a less active lady and read Isaiah 53:3-5 and talked about the Atonement. Then we visited a old Swedish lady and talked about gratitude. We taught a lesson about the Plan of Salvation too. The investigator said that it is logically sound, which is good. He just needs to pray about it now and know that it is Heavenly Father's plan. We made some cookies so that we can drop by less actives this week then met with another investigator. The quote of the week comes from Syster Hoke after meeting with him. He just won't read the Book of Mormon. He is really missing out!

We visited some less actives and actually did some tracting on Wednesday. The lamest part of the day was at dinner. I got a jar of applesauce and was trying to open it, but it just wouldn't budge. We literally took it to our lesson with some members to see if they could open it, but they couldn't either. Lame! (good news, I got it opened two days later after much work loosening the seal). We taught the member family's son about the Plan of Salvation. Syster Hoke made a sweet puzzle with it and the lesson was really good. The Spirit was very strong!

Zone training was on Thursday. President Beckstrand has asked us to do some new things in our mission that I am pretty excited about. First, to focus more on service and do at least one service project a week. If any of you RMs have good, outside of the box ideas about how we can serve the members, let me know! Second, he wants the Sweden Stockholm Mission to become a practicing mission. There is this theory that one must practice something for 10,000 hours before one is an expert, so he wants us to practice more. We are supposed to teach at least one lesson to a member a day (the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, Commandments, or Laws and Ordinances) so that we can become better teachers. It will be excited to do some role-playing with the members and help them to get more excited about missionary work (even those this ward is already way excited about it). Back in Trollhättan, we taught an investigator the Gospel of Jesus Christ then visited another investigator.

On Friday we had a lesson with an investigator at the Book Bindery in Vänersborg. We sit and have a gospel discussion with her and the members that run the book bindery. It is always really fun. Then we tried to drop by a referral, who was again not home and we did some weekly planning. 13 people were at Innebandy on Saturday. 13! We had a lesson with our Indian investigator after, dropped by less actives, then went to some members houses and talked about growing in testimony and conversion daily. 

This Sunday was Fast Sunday. We taught an investigator about the Plan of Salvation. He is all ready to be baptized, we just have to teach all of the lessons first. It's kind of cool though because he pretty much already knows what we teach because he has read so much from books and things that missionaries have given him before. We had a member dinner after church and it was lovely. The two kids are just hilarious and have many stories to tell us :)

Two things from church this week I really like. A member of the ward bore his testimony during Sacrament Meeting and said something that I had never really thought about before. He said, "I am glad that I am not perfect because it gives me opportunities to learn and grow." I had never really thought about how important that is! I feel like sometimes I am much to focused on the end goal (which is being Christlike) that I forget how important the journey is. It is important that we look back and see how far we come, but also that we keep our eyes riveted on the future and how much more we can become.

The second thing was from Relief Society. Someone made a comment about how we have to do everything we can so that the Lord has something to work with. That is so true of everything in life, but especially in missionary work! We have to work and work and work and then the Lord will provide the miracles. He will provide the people that are ready to change their lives and accept the Gospel. We really just cannot forget our part!

Med Kärlek, 
Syster Sarah Griffes

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