Monday, March 23, 2015

A Letter and a Lesson in Swedish- Trollhättan Week 17

Dearest Family and Friends,

I thought it was getting into warmer weather, but, alas, today we are back to thick coats and hats. It snowed last night and it is way wet too. Hoping for Spring weather to come back soon! And the sun, I miss the sun even though it has only been about 3 days. 

Last Monday for p-day, we played laser tag with about 20 other missionaries. It was way fun and I am ridiculously terrible at laser tag. Like so terrible I was 2nd to last and ended up with -2000 points :D It was fun, nonetheless. Plus, randomly running into a group of the other team to see how long it takes until you get shot is pretty fun too :) We also went to lunch and visited an old church before heading back to Trollhättan and visiting some members. 

Tuesday we had lunch with the Relief Society President. She is a really great example of charity and love. She is so willing to do anything for anyone! Then we visited a member that has broken her shoulder. We chatted with her and another member that is helping her out for a while and talked about Gratitude and how we can find good things in each and every day. It's so true! There is good to find, we just have to take the time to look! We then met with an investigator and read Mosiah 2 and talked about Obedience and how Heavenly Father blesses us when we do the things we ask. It's evident every where in the Book of Mormon! I just finished the Book of Mormon in English and, this time through, I highlighted all of the if-then statements and all of the commandment-blessing statements too. It is really cool to see all the blessings that Heavenly Father promises His worthy children. 

On Wednesday we walked a ton, a ton! We dropped by less actives and gave them cookies. While doing that, we spent about 15 minutes looking for a less active's address which doesn't exist. Sometimes I feel more like a detective than a missionary :) We visited some new converts. I love this couple so much! They are around 75 years old and are so precious together. They support each other and are always there, I love it! We then met with an investigator and started teaching the commandments. It is really cool because he just says things like, "Yes, this is how it should be." I love it! He is so prepared for the Gospel! We then had a lesson with 2 less actives and taught them the Restoration. It amazes me how quickly we forget something when we don't think about it and study it often. That's why conversion isn't a one time thing, it is continuous. Every single day, striving to learn more and be more. 

Thursday was pretty packed. We talked to an investigator about God and how we can know Him through prayer. Then we visited the member whose shoulder is broken and went on a walk with her. We talked about the temple and how much of a blessing it is in our lives. We went and had lunch with a member in Vänersborg and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ for practice. This member is so, so sweet! She thinks of everyone and always asks what she can do to help and prays for our investigators by name and all the good things. I just love her! We dropped by some members and played a card game with their son because we made a deal with him that if we play cards, we get to teach him. :) Compromising is a valuable lesson :) We taught him about Prophets. Finally, we visited an investigator and taught her and her granddaughter about prophets and invited them to watch general conference in two weeks. So excited!

Friday was district meeting then we visited an investigator and talked about lots of things from the Book of Mormon to the Atonement to how we received our testimonies. It was lovely. We then did some weekly planning. 

Innebandy on Saturday was with 13 players. Most people are getting better, but I'm pretty sure I'm actually getting worse :) That competitive-ness just doesn't run through my missionary veins :) We taught two investigators that day too. 

Back to Sunday, the best day of the week, easily! Church was really good. I can really understand almost everything that goes on and it is a miracle! We had dinner after with an investigator and a member family. I love that family so, so much (I know I've said that about a ton of people, but it is true every time!). We taught about praying, reading the scriptures, and following the prophet. Lovely time, just lovely. Then we talked to an investigator about Christ and how essential he is to us.

Well, transfer calls come this Saturday. I have been in Trollhättan for 3 transfers (about 4.5 months) and I'm thinking it is probably time for me to head on to a new place. I'm feeling it. SO SAD! I don't want to leave this place! I love it so, so much! The people here mean everything to me and I never want to leave, but I know Heavenly Father has a better plan for me (and maybe it includes me staying here, who knows?). The lame thing is that my birthday is also on Saturday, so it will either be a happy day (if I get to stay) or a lame day (if I leave). So, we'll just have to wait and see...

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for: A Lesson in Swedish
Fact of the matter is, Swedish is just a beautiful language! I realized that speaking English is a major league struggle now because Swedish words or Swedish grammar just comes out :) So here are some things that Swedish has that English needs:

-Orkar- care (well kind of like care or like you don't have energy). So one can say, "Jag orkar inte" if they just don't feel like doing something (people say this to us all the time, no surprise)
-Det finns- there is/there exists. You may think that English has this, but it really doesn't in the same way Swedish does. For example, if someone is feeling down, one can say, "Det finns hopp" (there is hope) and it makes a lot more sense than it does in English.
-Jobbigt- "a pain" or something related to that. One can say, "Det är jobbigt" (it is a pain), but it makes more sense than saying that something is a pain. 
Kan- can. But, it means more than just "I can." If one can speak Swedish, one says, "Jag kan svenska" or if someone can play innebandy, one says, "Jag kan innebandy" (I don't think I will ever, ever use this one :) So now I accidently say, " I can English" which makes no sense in English. 

And that has been your short lesson in Swedish. I wish all of you good luck in pronouncing these words :) hahaha, it's really not too bad. 

With Love,
Syster Sarah Griffes
A Servant of the Lord

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