Monday, February 2, 2015

"We are going to zero lesson it up!" Trollhättan Week 10

Dearest Family and friends (and random people of the internet that read my blog),

I don't know if I've told you, but I really love Sweden. Like seriously. It's beautiful and sometimes just downright adorable. The architecture, the houses, the colors. It's perfect. I may never come back... just kidding! I love America too!

On Monday after p-day, Elder and Sister Tolley, the apartment couple for our mission, came over and checked our apartment then we had dinner with them. Elder Tolley served his mission here in Sweden. They are way cool to talk to! Most mission couples are older, but they are in their 50s and they literally sold everything that they owned to come and serve. Like, they are going back to the US in July and they don't have a house or jobs or anything. They sacrificed so much and it is amazing! They are just the best! It felt like having parents with us for the evening :)

Tuesday we had lunch with the Relief Society President. Then we went to a less active. She was actually one of the very first members in Trollhättan and is a great example to use of perseverance. 

Wednesday it seemed like nothing went as planned. We did our final church watch (our mission is getting rid of it...Allelujah! We just sat in the church for 3 hours...So boring and unproductive!) With the darkness and weather and all here, seasonal depression is a pretty real thing, so we have had the opportunity to be rays of sunshine in the lives of many. We have been reading Matthew 11:28-30 with them. Great scripture!

Thursday I got really tired of Snain (snow-rain). It has been happening much too much this week! We went to the hospital to visit an investigator, she had a mini-stroke, but is recovered pretty well now. After, we went contacting and got 3 different people's numbers in 5 minutes! Crazy! 

Friday we had a specialized zone training with President and Syster Beckstrand and the Assistants in Kungsbacka. It was so good! We talked a lot about how we can use our time more effectively and plan more effectively. Best part of the meeting? We got to watch MEET THE MORMONS! I literally almost cried when they said that we would get to! OH it was SSSSOOOO GOOD! Seriously, find it and watch it. 

Saturday we played innebandy. There were 10 of us! It's growing! It was way fun, but I mostly like watching. Then we went to an investigator's and listened to some Mormon Tabernacle Choir with her. So peaceful! 

Fast Sunday was so good! Oh the Spirit was just so strong in Fast and Testimony meeting. We got complimented so much, it was crazy cool. The ward here really loves us and we are getting them pumped about missionary work. They are willing to help with everything and they really do help with everything! Holy cow this is probably the best ward in the whole world! Hahahaha, but really. This week's title quote comes from Weekly Planning. When we first meet with people, we call it a zero lesson because we just get to know them and see why they want to meet and ask about their religious background and all.

In case you didn't know, I love being a missionary. In my call letter, there is a line that reads something like "Greater happiness than you have ever experienced awaits as you Serve the Lord" It's so true! Sure there are tough times and there are people that reject us or drop us or whatever, but then there's those people that are so prepared for the Gospel! Bringing them to it and even being a small part of their journey is. The. Best! This Gospel really changes lives, I just want the whole world to have it!

Cool things that have happened since I got to Sweden:
-I can now officially eat like a European (fork in left hand, knife in right). It took a lot of practice!
-We exercise 30 minutes everyday, so this is, sadly, probably the most muscle I have ever had
-I can now understand enough Swedish that I can listen to random people speaking on the bus and understand most of what goes on in church.
-I can now speak enough Swedish that I can sit next to random people on the bus and have a mostly Swedish conversation
-Sometimes I forget the words to English hymns...

Love you all,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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