Monday, February 16, 2015

"The Spirit is strong with these ones" Trollhättan Week 12

This week's quote is from Syster Sorensen while we were weekly planning. It was hilarious and I basically died of laughter. I love Star Wars!

P-day last week found us at some really pretty, old churches in Göteborg. I love the colors in them so much and the architecture is wonderful!

Tuesday we had lunch with an investigator and he told us that he wants to get baptized! Oh my goodness we are so excited! One of our old investigators gave us a call and said that her dad needed some religious help and asked if we could meet him. We, of course, said yes and taught him the Restoration. The cool thing is that he was praying really hard for some guidance and his daughter called him right then and said that we wanted to meet him. He sees it as a sign, which is good, because it is! Heavenly Father really has a plan!

Wednesday we taught some lessons. We actually talked with some investigators about the Second Coming of Christ because they had questions. We also went to the Book Bindery with some members from our ward. They are just the best!

Thursday we spent some time with a member, tried to meet with two investigators, but they were busy then almost had a heart attack because we accidentally left the phone on a bench. We literally RAN the whole way back. Luckily, a police officer had found it, so everything was a-okay. We had dinner with some members. The ward here is pretty much perfect.

Friday was our last district meeting with the current district. I am so sad to see us break up! I just love this district! We taught an investigator the Restoration, did some Family History and went to a member's house.

Saturday we got transfer calls. Syster Sorensen will be leaving and I will be staying. So glad to stay in Trollhättan! I love it here! My new companion, Syster Hoke, is from Texas and has been in Stockholm. We will switch off on Wednesday. We played Innebandy and had 12 people! It's good because the more people that come, the less I have to play :) An investigator made us lunch then visited some people so that Syster Sorensen could say goodbye. 

Sunday was good. Church is really a struggle when I'm having a hard time focusing. Seriously, Swedish requires all of my efforts. 

This week I have really learned that the Lord has me exactly where He wants me. If He needed me to be back home or at BYU or where ever, that is where I would be. But, the fact of the matter is that He needs me here in Sweden! He needs me in Trollhättan and He really has a plan for me. I just have to do everything that I can to figure out what that plan is and then do it! He guides us so, so much!

Lots of love,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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