Sunday, January 18, 2015

"If my house was a museum, I'm old enough to be a part of the museum!" Trollhättan Week 8

This weeks weather report: It has been around 32 degrees fahrenheit with some snow, but most precipitation is rain. We are almost to the point where we get a good 7 hours of sunlight, but usually it is too overcast to actually see the sun. It's like a beautiful miracle every time the sun does come out!

Last week for Preparation day, we headed to IKEA with our district. It was Syster Sorensen and I then 10 elders. They are hilarious, but pretty ridiculous too. On Tuesday we had lunch with some members that told us a story about when our chapel here in Trollhättan was being built. There was a huge storm coming and that would have been really bad for the work they were doing (not sure why exactly, they were telling us in Swedish), so they got together and said a prayer and the storm literally parted around the chapel grounds. Like storming all around, but not where the building was. Miracles still happen today! It is so cool how Heavenly Father provides for His work to be done. We also stopped by the older Swede for some service. Syster Sorensen told her that she has so many nice things that her house could be a museum and she said, "If my house was a museum, I'm old enough to be a part of the museum!" It was hysterical. 

On Wednesday we had dinner with our Macedonian investigator. It was some kind of Macedonian holiday, so she made a ton of really good food. We got to meet two of her grandsons and her great-grandson who is four. He really liked my watch and kept telling me that it is "jätte fint" (which means like very nice). :) Children are hilarious! 

Thursday was an adventure. We took the bus up to Uddevalla (about a 40 minute bus ride) and visit a really nice less active who is 90 years old. Her husband is 100! Insane! She was really funny and loves missionaries. Then we met up with the Bishop and his daughter and they drove us over to Ellös (about an hour car ride). In order to get there, we had to take a car ferry across a river. So that can be crossed off my non-existent bucket list now too. Not going to lie, I think the whole ferry thing is pretty unnecessary. Bridges people! Bridges are much better! The ferry only goes twice an hour, so we had to wait for about 20 minutes before we could go. But, when in Sweden, I guess. We taught a non-member and his member wife about agency and faith. They are very, very kind and made us dinner. They pretty much live in the middle of nowhere, but from what they said it is beautiful there during the summer. Too bad I probably won't be here then to see it! We easily traveled for a good 4 hours today... So much time on buses! 

On Friday we had Zone Training in Göteborg. It is always hilarious listening to the Elders' running commentary of what the Zone Leaders say. The training was also very uplifting and got me thinking about how I can use time more effectively and really give all my heart, mind, might, and strength to this work. We read a short story called, "The Room" (by Joshua Harris) with an investigator later that day. It is about the Atonement and gets me crying almost every time. Go look it up on the internet! It is so good!

Saturday was the first week of Innebandy. It is like floor hockey and is a really popular sport here in Sweden. We invited members and investigators to come then had dinner afterwards. I can now officially cross that off the bucket list too. It was pretty fun, but for those of you who really know me, I'm pretty bad at sports, so it was pretty funny to watch, I'm sure :)

On Sunday I attempted to translate to our Indian investigator during Sacrament meeting. Oh, it was really rough! The poor guy! He said it was good though, but I know that he was just being nice. We had a lesson with him at a member's house. It was absolutely perfect and the Spirit was very strong. Members are essential to missionary work, I just know it!

This week I have been learning a lot about the power of your attitude. It really is our decision each and every day what kind of day it will be. I can decide to let myself be tired and grumpy or I can decide that today will be a great day, regardless of how tired I am or how many things don't go as planned. All it really takes is one simple decision, but we have to actually make that decision. Heavenly Father did not send us to this earth to be miserable, He sent us here to have happiness, we just have to let ourselves find that happiness that He has in store. It's a quest of a lifetime, but we have to take it one day at a time.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Sarah Griffes

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