Monday, January 26, 2015

"He gives away Book of Mormons like candy!" Trollhättan Week 9

I thought it would start getting warmer soon...I was wrong. But Sweden with snow is gorgeous! Just absolutely gorgeous! The countryside is just perfect with snow! 

It seems like this week wasn't all that exciting, so I'm just going to write about what missionaries do in general. Some of you have expressed interest in knowing what my days look like, so, here you go.

6:30 AM- Wake up. Same time everyday. We pray, exercise for 30 minutes, get ready, eat breakfast, etc.
8:00 AM- Personal Study. I always start with a prayer. I have been studying the Book of Mormon and have actually just started on the Old Testament. I also like to read from Preach My Gospel and sometimes from the church magazines. Focusing on the doctrines of the lessons we teach is really the best thing to do, so I am going to start doing that better.
9:00 AM- Companionship Study. We pray together, read from the Missionary Handbook, recite the First Vision in Swedish, then discuss what we learned in personal study and plan for our lessons for the day. We always have good gospel discussions during this time.
10:00 AM- Language Study. I usually read from the Book of Mormon in Swedish for 30 minutes then do some grammar and vocabulary study for another 30 minutes. Sometimes we tell each other stories in Swedish.
11:00 AM- 12 Week. It is really just more companion study that new missionaries do in their first 12 weeks. We watch videos of other missionaries and practice teaching each other.
12:00 PM- We either do lunch or we leave the apartment at this time. Last thing we do before leaving the apartment is pray. From 12-9 we do a variety of things from teaching lessons to contacting to visiting members, etc. Our area here is pretty big, so we also spend quite a bit of time on the bus or on trains each day.
9:00 PM- Back into our apartment. We pray then do daily planning in which we discuss the day and what we are doing tomorrow. After, we get ready for bed then pray.
10:30 PM- Sleep. 

Some days we have other things like District Meetings with other missionaries or Church or Preparation days, etc. Each day is an adventure! We talk to people from all around the world and I have really learned a lot from the different peoples and cultures that we have come in contact with. Yet, every day of my life, I am grateful for the place that I come from. So many people here wish that they could live in America and nearly everyone is trying to learn English. It is crazy to think about! 

Probably one of the most important things that we do everyday is pray. And we pray a lot! Prayer is really the best way to communicate with Heavenly Father. He listens to us and cares about each of us individually. He knows me perfectly and he knows each of you perfectly too. He cares about your life! He really wants you to be happy! He is always, always there for us and all we have to do is pray. I have seen the power of prayer in my life, especially here on the mission. Prayers are really answered, maybe not when or how we want them to be, but He knows what is best for us and wants to bless us more than we can imagine. I really know that to be true.

Syster Sarah Griffes

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