Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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This week really wasn't all that exciting, but that's okay! We should get our travel plans on Thursday or Friday, so that will be so awesome! I'm so excited! Two weeks from now, I will be in SWEDEN! AHH!

Funny things (from this week and random ones I forgot to say before):
-One time in class, Elder Bradshaw was supposed to ask me a question in Swedish then I was supposed to answer (as part of an exercise). But, instead of asking me a question, he just looked me in the eyes and said, "Du är inte min vän" (You are not my friend). It was hilarious! I now refer to him as my anti-friend
-So then, we were doing another exercise and I asked Elder Bradshaw's companion, Elder Falkner, if he would pray (in Swedish) and he looked me in the eyes and says, "Nej, du är inte min vän" So, now we all just make jokes about how I have no friends. Hahaha
-Brother Whitworth- "Jag pratar som robot" (I talk like a robot) 
-Brother Whitworth to Elder Johnson- "Vad betyder pastly?" (What does "pastly" mean?). Sometimes we make up words in Swedish, other times we make up words in English.
-Elder Falkner- "Ah! The Bible says otherwise, silly billy!"
-Elder Falkner to me- "How is the temperature up there on your high horse?" So funny!
-Sister Stetler- "Why is my brain so dumb!?" (it had been a long day of Swedish)
-In the Swedish language, the letter G is really crazy and can make lots of different sounds, so one time Elder Johnson said, "That's the way the world works, if you are a G, you can do whatever you want!"
-Elder Bradshaw likes to sing and hum a lot, one time he started humming, "Lead, Kindly Light" and I joined in. Then he looks at me and says, "It was a solo, okay?!? It was a solo!" He is so funny!
-We learned about possessive nouns and someone asked a question about it and I said, "It's already possessed!"
-We call the Air Conditioner "the dragon" so everytime we want to close it, the sisters ask the elders if they will "Turn off the dragon"

This week in TRC, we taught 3 members of the Church about receiving revelation through Scripture Study and had each of them make a goal with us on how we can do better. It really made me think about how I can more effectively study the scriptures. I started re-reading the Book of Mormon in English and Swedish. I'll read a chapter in English and highlight all of the if-then statements (example: If you keep the commandments, then you will receive the Lord's blessings) then I read that same chapter in Swedish. It's pretty cool!

This week we also did some role playing in which we thought of a character and then another companionship of missionaries would teach us as that character. It was pretty cool to see how investigators feel when they are taught by the missionaries.

12 days until Sweden! I am so ready to go, but also quite worried about the language. However, I know that it will come in the Lord's timing.

Jag älskar er!

Syster Griffes

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