Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And this has been...the longest week of my life!

Hey all!

Holy cow, what a week! I was dropped off at the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Wednesday October 15th by my sisters, Ellen and Megan. I went around with another sister missionary who has been here for a few weeks and got all of my supplies (key, nametag, key card, like 10 lbs of language study material, etc). Then, I went to class. My teacher, Brother Marchant, only speaks in Swedish... that was a little bit... overwhelming. I didn't speak any Swedish and I was so confused! I kept answering in French hahaha :) I saw a few people that I know from BYU that are also serving missions. It made me very happy! 

My sister missionary companion is Sister Nielsen, she is also going to Sweden. We spend (almost) every minute of every day together. She is so great! She has a very positive attitude and loves everyone so much! I am always impressed with how open and loving she is! In our room (it is essentially like a college dorm), it is me, Sister Nielsen, Sister Stetler (Sweden), and Sister Walsh (serving in the West Indies, Dutch Speaking). Sisters Nielsen, Stetler, and I spend most of our time together and teach together because we are in the same language, mission, and class. Sister Walsh is in her own class, but we have meals and such with her. Also in our District are four elders (boys that are serving missions), Elders Bradshaw, Falkner (who is from England), Johnson, and Duwors. They are really funny! There is another District going to Sweden with 5 Elders

We taught our first lesson to our investigator (he is actually an MTC employee role playing for us to practice teaching), Marc on Wednesday. In Swedish. Well, by that time, we basically knew how to say hello, how are you, and Jesus Christ. It was...interesting. Let's just say that we left the room and had a laughing attack. It was hilarious!

We taught Marc again on Saturday and Monday. Much better! The Swedish is coming along nicely, but there is just so much to learn and not nearly enough time! Ahh! 

Funny things that happened this week:
-We learned how to pray in Swedish and Elder Bradshaw accidentally prayed for the Holy Duck instead of the Holy Ghost (the words are almost the same: Ande and Anden)
-We call Elder Falkner the distraction tornado 

I absolutely love it here! The presence of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost is so evident! Every time that I feel stressed or overwhelmed, something great and spiritual happens that reminds me that my mission is not about me, it is about Them and the people in Sweden that need me. I am so excited to learn as much as I can about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Swedish. 

Find something in each day that you are grateful for, never forget just how much you are blessed, even when it doesn't seem that way!

Love you!
Sister Sarah Griffes

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